About Us

Art and creation at this point in my life are about keeping the content as pure as possible, however simple or complicated the subject matter may be, with minimal manipulation and no overthinking, because I feel almost everything and every subject has been done, redone, copied, worked on … it seems to me that the logical direction is to go back to basics, following one's instinct to create, not to copy or follow the trend but to be original.

This has ALWAYS been my goal and utmost integrity when itcomes to any creativity or art form, especially my work - to be as original as possible, without direct influence or copy of other people's work. I have worked with Vanity Fair, W, New York Times magazine, Interview, Details ... among many other publications. Campaigns include clients like Giorgio Armani, Freepeople, Kenneth Cole, Sean John, Levi's, Charles Jourdan, L'oreal, Revlon, MAC, Redken, Matrix, Wella, Sony music … and many more. The newest addition is Jack, one of the projects that I am currently working on now.

At a very young age I left my family and home in Asia in order to study abroad, starting with a strict boarding school in the UK. I always loved creative endeavors, and got started with photography at the age of 16, which I found to be an exciting new art form for me. Splitting my time between London and Paris, I started to “play“ a lot with this medium and got hooked on it, I started shooting on the street - people, and friends - and slowly fashion and advertising soon came along. This hobby followed me even when I started college at UC Berkeley, where I studied architecture ... and somehow everything that I have learnt through my culture, travel, people, studies and experiences have merged and infused into my way of thinking and my creativity.

My heart is to create fresh new art, both in photography and film … to never stop learning, evolving, dare to dream, to impact and influence the media and the world in an exciting new way.